Complete Tanzania

From all the safaris that we offer this safari is not called for nothing "Tanzania complete". Discover and experience three different natural parks and visit the beautiful herbal island of Zanzibar in two weeks' time. Diversify unspoiled nature with azure blue sea and white beaches. See the wild animals on the mainland and in the sea around the island. Spot the Big 5 and get to know the African culture within one country that is very diverse. See a lion and lioness relaxing together in the shade, an elephant mother with her calf and a group of zebras that cross the road you are driving on. Comeand relax on Zanzibar and spoil yourself with delicious dishes. Step into the special history and culture of Stone Town and dream away on the beach in the red setting sun. Would you like more reasons, or have you already been sold? 

SP 43
14 day Beach & Safari holiday in Tanzania, Selous Game Reserve and Zanzibar
  • Day 1
    Transfer by taxi to Reef & Beach Resort, check-in with welcome drink;
  • Day 2
    Relaxation day Reef & Beach Resort (tour optional);
  • Day 3
    Transfer by taxi to the airport, flight to Bagamoyo airstrip and accommodation at Firefly Guesthouse;
  • Day 4
    Game drive in Saadani National Park;
  • Day 5
    Transfer to Mikumi National Park, short game drive and check-in with welcome drink upon Tanapa Park Bungalows;
  • Day 6
    Full day game drive in Mikumi National Park;
  • Day 7
    Transfer to Selous Game reserve, short game drive, check-in with welcome drink Africa Safari Camp;
  • Day 8
    Relaxation day in Africa Safari Camp (excursion optional);
  • Day 9
    Game drive safari with a nice bush lunch;
  • Day 10
    Bushwalk, village tour and a boat safari;
  • Day 11
    Transfer to Dar es Salaam, fast ferry to Zanzibar and transfer to Paradise Beach Resort. Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Day 12
    Relaxation day in Paradise Beach Resort (tour optional);
  • Day 13
    Relaxation day in Paradise Beach Resort (tour optional);
  • Day 14
    Check-out, transfer by taxi to the airport or ferry terminal.
Price per person:
  • Both resorts:
    1 person
    3195 €
    2-3 persons
    2895 €
    4-5 people
    2495 €
      Full pension
  • Extra resort night:
    Reef & Beach Resort Paradise Beach Resort
    35 € B&B 40 € B&B
    70 € All-inclusive 75 € All-inclusive
!map Complete Tanzania 14 day Beach & Safari holiday in Tanzania, Selous Game Reserve and Zanzibar


Zanzibar is an island with an area as large as the province of Utrecht, located on the east coast of Tanzania. It is small, but very diverse and versatile. Step into the world of special cultures and diverse landscapes. Spoil yourself with delicious dishes made with local herbs and come and relax under swaying palm trees on the pearl white beaches. Whether you want to relax and sunbathe at the beach or just want to be active and want to explore the island, everything is possible. We make sure that your holiday will be particular and unforgettable. Snorkel with wild dolphins, try different types of mishkaki on the night market in Stone Town or get to know the Red Colobus Monkeys strolling through Jozani Forest. Discover the island in your own way, create your ultimate holiday and make it a special trip.  

Reef & Beach Resort

Reef & Beach Resort is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar, near the village of Jambiani. This beautiful resort is located directly on the beach, and all rooms have full sea view. Would you like to have some more luxury and space, book then our Zanzibar styled bungalows with garden or sea view. All rooms are equipped with the luxury you want on holiday: a cosy bed, a hot shower, western toilet and air conditioning. In addition, the resort has sufficient facilities to make your stay more pleasant. Take a refreshing dip in our swimming pool, soak up the sun on our sunbeds, play various games in our lounge bar and enjoy our culinary buffet, mainly prepared with Zanzibar herbs.

Paradise Beach Resort

Paradise Beach Resort is a 4- star resort, situated on the North East coast of Zanzibar next to the village of Uroa. Once you go through the gate, you feel welcome and at home. This resort has beautiful rooms and a nice and cosy restaurant that is located centrally on site. Relax, come, splash in one of the pools and let yourself be pampered in our spa. Close off your day with a delicious cocktail in the jetty bar and dream away in the red setting sun. The rooms at Paradise Beach Resort are stylish, spacious and fully equipped. They have confortable beds, fully equipped bathroom with private toilet, hot shower and air conditioning.  

Selous Game Reserve

Welcome to Selous Game Reserve, the largest nature park in the South of Tanzania. Behold the unspoiled nature and the diversity of landscapes in the park. Come face to face with the Big 5 and see animals up close that live only in East Africa. Selous is the only nature park where you may drive off road, so forget about your binoculars, we drive to the animals! Our rangers and drivers are trained in spotting animals and can tell you everything about nature as well as wildlife. The mighty Rufiji river flows through the natural park where many animals lessen their thirst and among others, hippos have their home. With our boat and safari jeep you will experience the park in different ways and admire unique moments up close.

Africa Safari Camp

Africa Safari Camp is our third accommodation and is located on the edge of Selous Game Reserve. This unique location is a treat for any traveller in the middle of nature and is equipped with all the comforts and facilities. Around Selous and our camp there are no fences, making you be right in the habitat of the wild animals. Discover footprints of elephants and/or impalas, just steps from your front door. But don't be afraid, the resort is designed in such a way that you are safe on the premises of the camp at all times. Enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool or come relax in our lounge bar where you can read a book quietly with the birds singing in the background after a full safari day. Indulge your inner self with a dinner and watch, from the restaurant, the wild animals coming to drink from the pond. You’ll stay in one of our spacious bungalows, cabins or luxury tents, each one equipped with a private bathroom and toilet, hot water and shower. They also have large, comfortable beds and ceiling fans.    

Firefly Guesthouse

Firefly Guesthouse is a traditional and cosy accommodation right in the Centre of Bagamoyo. All sights are within a stone's throw from the guesthouse and you will be warmly welcomed with a drink. The rooms are attractively and romantically decorated and have all the necessary facilities you want on holiday.

Tanapa Park Bungalows

The comfortable Tanapa Park Bungalows are located in  Mikumi National Park and is an ideal location to stay if you are on safari here. The resort is spacious and has fine bungalows, where you can reminisce and relax after your safari trip from that day. Wake up with wildlife within a stone’s throw from your bungalow and behold the beautiful nature from your chair. The rooms are fully decorated in safari style, and each one has a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, satellite TV and balcony.


Mikumi National Park is among the top 5 largest natural parks from this African country and is located in the middle of Tanzania. This park is known for its vast savannahs and great diversity of wild animals, in particular, with the lions that climb trees and lie there to rest. The landscape can be compared to that of the Serengeti, the most famous park of Tanzania. The open plains extend nearly to the Indian Ocean and here it is a treat to enjoy the daily rituals of the wild animals. Over four hundred bird species gather in Mikumi. What a beautiful concert does nature give as you go through the park.

Day 1: Arrival Zanzibar
Welcome to the tropical island of Zanzibar, where you literally and figuratively will receive a warm welcome. After you get off the plane and make the first step on Tanzanian soil, your holiday can start. First, you easily get your tourist visa at the airport in Zanzibar and after retrieving your luggage, our taxi is ready to take you to the chosen resort. Here you will be welcomed with a delicious drink and you will stay in a beautiful room near the pool with a sea view. 

Day 2: Reef & Beach Resort Zanzibar
After a good night sleep, you'll wake up with the sound of the ocean in the background. It’s time to start and to discover in which world you have arrived. Walk together with our guide from the beach to the reef and see countless brightly colored starfish at low tide. See the local population in their daily work in the sea and watch the little fish that swim around in low water. Diversify your days by the pool or relax on the beach with special excursions, such as swimming with wild dolphins or a tour of Jozani Forest. Watch up close the Red Colobus Monkeys and listen to the stories of the guide. At the end of the day you can enjoy a drink at the jetty bar in the beautiful sunset.

Day 3: Zanzibar-Bagamoyo
Wake up early, because the taxi is ready to take you to the airport of Zanzibar. You’ll step into a small airplane and after a short flight with a beautiful view of the country you’ll land on the airstrip of Bagamoyo. This airstrip is nothing more than a grassy path, an adventurous and cool way to arrive in the unspoiled nature. We’ll drive along the coast to the historic centre of Bagamoyo. This city is known for the world traveller Livingstone and slavery. You can visit the local markets, museums and the historic centre, which is absolutely worth it. You’ll spend the night in the beautiful Firefly Guesthouse located in the Centre of the city. Here’s a relaxing atmosphere, it is within walking distance of the sights and there is delicious cooking for you.

Day 4: Game Drive Saadani National Park
You’ll leave early in the morning from Bagamoyo to Saadani National Park, where you’ll have a full day on game drive. It is a unique, relatively small nature park, but perhaps one of the most special parks from Tanzania due to its location on the East Coast. With a little luck you can see elephants on the beach. The diversity of mammals, reptiles and bird species is so large that it is guaranteed to be a successful and memorable day. At the end of the day you’ll drive back to Bagamoyo where you’ll spend another night in the historic centre.

Day 5: Mikumi National Park
From Bagamoyo we’ll drive you for a half day to the entrance of Mikumi National Park, where during a short afternoon game drive you’ll soon be spotting the first big wild animals. Mikumi National Park is a beautiful small park where many wild animals are easy to be seen in the wide open plains. In this national park you will stay two nights in one of the comfortable Tanapa Park Bungalows.

Day 6: Mikumi Game reserve
What is more beautiful than seeing wild animals awaking  from their sleep? See how they wake up, their first steps of the day and see what is their morning ritual. You are going to see this, because you're already going on a game drive at the first sun rays of the day. The temperature is pleasant and you will absolutely see and feel it as a fantastic experience. As soon as the sun is up, you are going to enjoy a delicious breakfast, then a game drive for the rest of the day. Pay attention to your eyes and ears and realize how special this place is.

Day 7: Transfer to Selous Game reserve
With a delicious breakfast in your stomach you’ll get back in the car on to a journey of 300 kilometres to Selous Game Reserve. This trip is beautiful and unique, because you drive through typically African landscapes. Along the way we’ll stop regularly, so you can stretch your legs and have a treat. Before you arrive in our Africa Safari Camp, you’ll drive through Selous Game Reserve which is the largest nature reserve in Tanzania. See the wild animals up close and enjoy your first game drive in this nature reserve. Once arrived at Africa Safari Camp you will be cordially welcomed with a drink. Take a dip in the lovely pool and enjoy your bungalow or cabin with all of the necessary amenities.

Day 8: Relaxation day in Africa Safari Camp – Selous Game Reserve
After all the mileage you have traveled over the last few days, today it is time to relax. Read a book with the rustling of the wild animals in the background, take a dip in the lovely pool or play the typical Tanzanian game Bao at the bar. If you would rather spend this day among the wild animals, there is always an extra game drive possible.  See if you can spot new animals and enjoy beautiful nature and special moments. Finally, you can also choose to take a tour to the hot springs. The road to it is a true game drive and eventually you will arrive at a mountain massif which  ends with a waterfall in a hot spring. It is an idyllic place where you can swim, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Day 9:  Full day game drive Selous Game Reserve
Early day today because it is the day for spotting the Big 5. After a delicious breakfast you step into an open jeep that takes you in to park. Selous Game Reserve is the only nature park in Tanzania where it may be driven "off road", making a pair of binoculars redundant. Our rangers are trained in spotting animals and drive there directly. Do not be afraid, you are perfectly safe. Enjoy all the beauty that you encounter along the way such as zebras, giraffes, elephants, impalas and so on. Normally you can see them on TV, but now you can see and enjoy them up close. During the afternoon, you can enjoy a delicious bush lunch in a safe place in the middle of the natural park. It has never been so quiet during your lunch break. 

Day 10:  Bush walk, village tour & safari boat - Selous Game Reserve
Your visit to Selous is not complete before you've done a bush walk with a true bushman. Step in the footsteps of elephants and impalas and inquire about any special tidbits from the nature. Meet the "Little 5" and learn how local people use nature as medicine. See a few curious birds in the distance and do not be afraid of the dangerous animal species. You're going on the road with experienced rangers and a guide. In the afternoon you will get to know the surroundings of the camp with an interesting village tour. See how the local people live, go to school and shop. The day ends on a special safari boat. Behold the beautiful nature and the wild animals from the water on the Rufiji river. Hundreds of hippos live along with many other animal species in this river.

Day 11: Transfer Selous Game Reserve – Dar es Salaam – Zanzibar
Take a seat in our car and enjoy the beautiful way back to Dar es Salaam. Watch the daily life of the local population in the African villages and dream away at the special views and landscapes that you pass along the way. Once you arrive in Dar es Salaam you get on the fast ferry to Zanzibar. Within two hours you’ll reach the island and there we’ll stand with the taxi waiting to welcome you. You will be brought directly to Paradise Beach Resort, where you will be staying for the last few days of your trip. This resort offers fine rooms, a nice swimming pool and all facilities you need on holiday and is located directly on the beach.

Days 12/13:   Paradise Beach Resort Zanzibar
You will finish your vacation with two full days at Paradise Beach Resort. It is a beautiful resort, located on the beach on the North East coast of Zanzibar. Take a lovely stroll along the beach and discover the daily life of the local population around the resort. Embark on a traditional dhow boot and sail to the other side, where you literally and metaphorically arrive on Paradise Beach. A  visit to the capital Stone Town should not be missed on this holiday. Stone Town is a small historical town with lots of character and stories. Our guides will tell you all about it and will lead you all around through the narrow alleys. Buy special souvenirs for yourself and/or your loved ones and treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of the cosy restaurants. In short, there are enough features to make this journey unforgettable.

Day 14:     Departure Zanzibar
Depending on your departure time, you still can relax and enjoy the day on the resort. Our taxi will bring you safely on time to the airport, ferry terminal or other desired destination on Zanzibar.

Tip! If you wish to prolong your stay on Zanzibar, simply book additional nights in one of our beach resorts.

This trip includes:

  • Transfer from airport or ferry terminal to Reef & Beach Resort by taxi;
  • Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Stay based on full Board (drinks are calculated on site);
  • Transfer by taxi and flight to Bagamoyo & overnights in Firefly Guesthouse;
  • Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Stay based on full Board (drinks are calculated on site);
  • Game drive in Saadani National Park
  • Transfer to Mikumi National Park – Tanapa Park Bungalows by taxi;
  • Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Stay based on full Board (drinks are calculated on site);
  • Game drive in Mikumi National Park
  • Transfer Selous Game Reserve – Africa Safari Camp by taxi;
  • Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Stay based on full Board (drinks are calculated on site);
  • Short game drive;
  • Village tour;
  • Safari Boat on Rufiji river;
  • Full day game drive in Selous Game Reserve;
  • Bush walk;
  • Transfer to Dar es Salaam;
  • Fast ferry to Zanzibar
  • Transfer by taxi to Paradise Beach Resort;
  • Check-in with welcome drink;
  • Stay based on full Board (drinks are calculated on site);
  • Transfer by taxi to airport or ferry terminal;
  • Free upgrade to a higher category room (if available on arrival);
  • Free excursion to Stone Town and Spice Tour with traditional lunch (+/-8 h).

Optional bookings: 

  • Fly –in and return from Dar es Salaam to Selous
  • Many possibilities for excursions, recreation in Zanzibar (in advance or on the spot booking);
  • Car or scooter rental (in advance or on the spot booking);
  • Snorkel-& diving excursions and PADI courses (PADI Center present in our resorts).
  • Extra full or half day game drive in Selous Game Reserve;
  • Excursion to the hot springs in Selous Game Reserve.

This trip is exclusive:

  • International air ticket (once you have booked a ticket, please send us your flight details with times and flight number);
  • booking fee € 25.00 per invoice/booking;
  • Travel and medical insurance.
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